About the Journal


International Journal of Social Science, Education, Communication and Economics (SINOMICS Journal) | E-ISSN: 2829-7350 | P-ISSN: 2963-9441 publishes articles or scientific studies related to social science, education, communication, and economics. 

The scope of this journal includes:

Social Sciences (Archeology, Anthropology, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, Political, Information Systems, Expert system, Decision Support System, Artificial Intelligence System, Data Mining, Image processing, Public Administration, Genetic Algorithms, Designing Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Internet of Thing, Database System, Big Data, Internet of Thing, and Management).

Education (educational philosophy, educational psychology, curriculum, educational evaluation, educational administration, educational technology, guidance and counseling, out-of-school education, and general education)

Communication Studies (Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Media Studies).

Economics (development economics, applied economics, monetary economics, public economics, industrial economics, international and regional economics, natural resource economics, human resource economics, accounting, and sharia economics).

This journal is published 6 times a year (February, April, June, August, October, & December)

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